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After everyone goes home at the end of the day, are the animals left all alone?
The gated property is maintained and occupied 24 hours a day

I have two pets can they board together?
Yes, definitely. As long as it is two of the same species and they get along with each other. They can stay together and lower the cost of boarding. The second pet will incur boarding charges at a discounted price.

We can separate the dogs at feeding time if necessary. Just let us know at check in.

Unfortunately, we do not have a facility to board your cats and dogs together at this point in time.

Can we bring belongings from home?
Yes, you may bring in washable bedding, treats, chews, or food. We ask that everything is clearly marked using a permanent marker with your pet's first and last name.

We will supply all toys, due to the septic design, large area of walk trails, play yards and laundry, so we request that you leave all your pets toys at home.

We have stainless steel dishes for all pet feeding and all our own exercise equipment, leashes and collars. You may bring in a harness, should your pet be more acclimated to a harness. Please note that all personal items are left at your own risk.

What if my dog won’t relieve him/herself in kennel?
No problem.  We monitor and record if your pet is relieving themselves in the kennel, during walks and or play times throughout the day. If we find that a particular dog is not relieving themselves, then we will take them out for a quick "potty" break at no extra charge.

Do you give tours?
Yes, we give tours between the hours of 11:00 am and 1:00pm, Monday through Sunday. Sorry, but we do ask that your pet only tour in the office, front grass area and parking areas. As a courtesy to our boarding clients, we ask this in order to keep our pet boarders as calm, quiet and stress free as possible.

Will my pets board with other families?
No, we will only board families together. We will not pair your pets up with any other families. On special occasions we will have customers request to board with their best friend's dog or parent's dogs and this is acceptable provided both families agree.

Do you give medications?
Yes, our staff is very experienced with administrating medications. Most of the time there is no extra charge. We prefer to give your dogs pills in a piece of hot dog. If your pet has allergies or sensitive stomach, please let us know. Shots such as insulin or for allergies are $5 per shot. We ask that you bring in a syringe for every shot needed. We will not re-use needles.

What if my pet gets sick?
We have a Veterinarian available to us, 24 hours a day. In a major emergency or for an ongoing problem we will contact the Veterinarian contact you provided us and the emergency contact you provided us as well.

What forms of payment do you take?
We take Visa, Debit, American Express, Discover and MasterCard, Travelers checks and local personal checks and cash. All payments are due at check out and for special reservations.

What if I can’t get there during your office hours?
If you are running a little late, call us and we will try to make special arrangements. Please understand just like many other businesses with specific time management schedules, we also have a time specific schedule for our staff to adhere to and we have our four legged "guests" also needing our attention. Traffic is always an issue after 3pm during the week, so we recommend you plan ahead if possible.  We can occasionally make special arrangements for early or late customers at an additional charge.

Will somebody be spending anytime with my pet or are they just left in a kennel?
We have a large and very caring staff.  Your pet will have an attendant seeing to their needs.  We feed and provide fresh water twice a day and hose at least 3 times a day.  In addition, we chart their daily intake and out take.  Every attendant spends some time with each pet daily.

If a pet is scheduled for exercise, there is even more interaction.

Do we have to bring our own food and what if my pet won't eat while there?
You do not have to bring in your own food. We feed dry food both in Adult and Senior blends for the dogs and a dry maintenance for the cats. We have an excellent record for enticing pets to eat!  Our high quality food is nutritious and very palatable, but in the event that they still will not eat, then we do have some miscellaneous tricks such as parmesan cheese, chicken broth, peanut butter, and we also carry Merrick canned food and raw diets in several different blends for the dogs and canned food to entice the cats.

Does my dog have to wear a collar while boarding?
We welcome pets to wear regular nylon or leather collars while boarding. You do not have to leave a collar on your pet. The only time we request it, is if your pet is on medications and/or attending group play. We do not allow any type of choke chains or pinch collars on dogs while boarding.  If your pet uses a harness due to neck or back problems you may leave it with us for activities and we will remove it after the activities.